SAP Fiori UX

We can help you transform your enterprise user experience from SAPGUI to a clean, modern user experience that’s role-based, responsive, and needs minimal training. With our fixed price Fiori starter pack to get you in to production with the first 5-10 Fiori apps across a 3 tier environment for $100k in as little as 4 weeks you have the confidence that your first steps renewing your SAP user experience will be successful, some conditions apply please contact us for more details!
What is Fiori?Why adopt Fiori?What about SAP Screen Personas?Why Convergent?
SAP Fiori is the new SAP User Experience. Have you seen the new SAP?
Adopting Fiori brings all the value of a great user experience to your enterprise in a role-based, responsive, non-disriptive way, and inexpensive way. It’s one of the fastest ways to transform your SAP enterprise user experience for commonly used transactions with Convergent IS lead implementations taking only weeks.
Personas can be used to quickly and effectively extend the Fiori UX to desktop scenarios for your teams in a matter of weeks. Ask us how!
While there’s lots of good reasons to choose Convergent, we’d like to let our customer tell you how important it was for them to work with us while we implemented the first SAP Enterprise Portal replacement with the new SAP Fiori UX: