Mobile Applications

Convergent has been building and implementing mobile applications for field workers before it was cool.Today, we work closely with SAP to help enable the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Mobile Suite.

Our clients use SAP Work Manager to give Field Workers everything they need to efficiently install, maintain and repair assets in the field. Organization also use the power of the EAM Mobile package to collect data, perform calibrations and maintain inventory. But what if the out of the box (OOTB) SAP EAM Mobile suite does not exactly meet your needs? Well, our team knows the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) inside and out. We can customize an existing SAP application or build something specifically for you on top of SMP that will provide simplicity for your remote workforce, allow them to complete tasks faster and do more with less.

But where it gets really cool is with Visual Enterprise and Augmented Reality. It may seem like science fiction but it is real, and we are on the leading edge of deploying these solutions. Give us a call and we can share our client experiences.